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Here at self service We love to cook and eat simple plant based meals made with the best natural ingredients. Whole grains, seasonal fruits, rainbow vegetables, good fats, beans, and nuts and seeds.

about me

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I’ve always loved cooking and eating delicious food. In my late teens, I took over dinner duties from my mum and would create healthy feasts for my family. I was still eating meat back then and Jamie Oliver was my everything inspiration. He inspired me to cook healthy meals from scratch and become more aware of the quality of food I was putting into my body. I began focusing on where my food was coming from, how far it travelled and how it was produced, always buying the best quality I could find.

As I moved into my early 20s I started to experience the impact that food can have on how you feel and how your body functions. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression and begin looking for lifestyle changes I could make to help my symptoms. I became intensely interested in nutrition and started experimenting with a more plant-focused way of eating after reading about others successes stories.

In 2016 my interest in nutrition peaked and enrolled to become a certified nutrition & health coach. After I graduated I quickly started blogging. Sharing my recipes and meal inspirations with friends and family online and on Instagram. However, I dimly thought that everyone would be as excited about the nutritional benefit of broccoli as I was but in reality, people don’t love to be overwhelmed by information. They just want something delicious to make for dinner that also happens to be healthy.


Self Service is a resource, designed to take the confusion out of healthy eating.

Halloumi burger

I decided to change the intention of my recipes and instead of sharing nutritional info I focused on interesting ingredient pairings, cooking techniques, flavours and colours in the hope that it would get people excited about eating more plants. It worked!

Fast forward 2 years and my little blog has grown into a hatchling small business, expanding into real-world workshops, catering and a growing social media community. I have decided to take my studies further and dive into becoming a fully qualified nutritionist. Watch this space!

Although I do still struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression and a hormonal condition called POF. Changing my diet to include more wholesome, plant based foods has 100% had a positive effect on my physical and mental health!

Hopefully, by adding a few more plants to your plate you can experience a positive change as I have.

Check out the below Q&A to find out a little bit more about my food philosophy.
I’ve answered the most common questions but if you have any more or just want to say hey feel free to email me here or contact me on instagram.


Why do you eat this way ? are you vegan?

No, I’m not vegan. If I had to label it I would fall into the vegetarian category. I just love veggies. I think they have so much variety and flavour! I also suffer from depression and anxiety, as well as a hormonal condition called premature ovarian failure. So I make an effort to eat well to manage my symptoms and just feel good in my body.


Do you ever eat anything fun like take aways, pizza or dessert?

Yes, I love all of those foods. I’m a sucker for a good chocolate mousse and a takeaway curry. I believe you are what you do most of the time. So 80% of my diet is made up of nourishing plant foods and 20% is fun extravagant foods. Life is here to be enjoyed!


Why is your blog called self service?

It is a bit of a random name but to me it sums up what eating well means. It’s a service you provide yourself to nourish your body and mind. A self service.


Do you drink alcohol?

I appreciate a good glass of natural wine or a cocktail but unfortunately, alcohol negatively affects my mood, sleep cycle and digestion. My current medication also increases these negative side effects so I choose to avoid alcohol and only drink on a special occasion.


What about supplements?

I only take supplements if recommended by my GP or other health professional. In the past, I’ve supplemented iron with infusions as the pill and liquid forms don’t work for me. I also take an omega 3 algae supplement and include lots of healthy fats to support my hormones.


Where did you study ?

I completed a Certificate of Nutrition and Health Coaching and a Certificate of Menu and Meal Planning with Cadence Health. I am currently studying to become a qualified nutritionist with the Naturopathic Collage of New Zealand.